Smartphones changing enterprise management

One of many advantages of Smartphones in the enterprise is that they make the workforce more mobile and more productive no matter where they are.For companies, mobile applications have become central to the success of Smartphones over the past couple years. Along with various enterprise apps might come also some security concerns. With enprovia mDMS app is all enterprise data securely stored in a password… Read more


In November 2007, iPhone was officially launched in Europe in the United Kingdom and Germany, receiving substantial media attention. In august 2008 was iPhone launched in Slovakia and now it is available in most countries around the world. Since its first official launch in the USA in June 2007, have not only iPhone but also iPhone applications undergone a whole evolution.Enabling a data synchronization… Read more

mDMS increases reporters' work efficiency

Each reporter wishes to be the first one at the scene when something interesting happens. To report directly about a happening, being able to make it for the up-coming news can be done without any special effort by using enprovia's mDMS application with its upload functionalities.  Uploading texts, images or voice recordings can be done in a few simple steps. Number one: Open the folder you would like… Read more

Use mGallery... Summer makes wonderful opportunities for picture shooting

Summer is coming and there is no better season to spread the cameras around and capture the best moments and nature in full bloom. However, if there is no one to share the joy with us, taking pictures gets down a bit. So why not to carry your albums with you at all times? Enprovia® has developed an app just for this purpose - enjoy the mGallery!mGallery is a mobile-enabled application for all photography… Read more

Enterprise smartphone usage

ZDNet UK's survey of nearly 400 UK IT professionals shows that more than half of their companies had deployed Smartphones in the enterprise. Further 14% are either planning or considering rolling out the devices. 38% of those companies that are already using Samrtphones said they were planning to increase that use.In general, people who had adopted enterprise smartphones are mostly using them for e-mailing,… Read more

BlueJet Mac OS X client for ECM and DMS

Our BlueJet Mac OS X client application connects to most ECM and DMS systems on the market, using our Mobile Enabler technology which supports a larger set of vendors, including CMIS and WebDAV standards. If you are interested in testing BlueJet against your own ECM or DMS, let us know. Read more

Vault storage keeps your data safe

Keeping your Smartphone safe can begin with the basic first line defense - don't lose it. Joking apart, it is good not to forget to set your phone to lock after a certain period of inactivity, requiring a password to get back in. This function is supported by all the major Smartphone operating systems.In case your Smartphone is stolen, your data including e-mail, contacts, texts, and documents are… Read more

Apps helping you be more efficient

Visit enprovia's "Products" site to see what apps can help you better manage your enterprise. If you already are a Smartphone or a Tablet user, then you can do much more for your enterprise without any extra effort.What apps can help you be more efficient in your work?mDMS - mobile-enabled Document Management SystemEnables you to access your corporate data when you are not sitting in your office. This… Read more

What enprovia® apps are competing?

mGallery - A portfolio solution for all photographers who want to showcase their work, having the portfolio in their pocket at all times. Images can be viewed in different resolutions. mGallery offers a variety of functionalities such as search, Bookmarking photographers portfolios, saving images, sending images via email, a random mosaic display of images.PhotoProShop - Your professional online shop… Read more

Help us rate our applications

Please help us spread the word about our mobile phone apps by clicking on these links, mGallery, PhotoProShop, Good Locations and mDMS and then by clicking on the "Like It Facebook button" at the bottom of the corresponding page. Yes, it is a Slovak application contest so the page itself is not really understandable :-) Read more