Upload text docs into your DMS using Smartphone

Managing our work remotely is always a bit of a pain. To lessen this pain we can upload texts documents via Smartphone or Tablet PC directly info the DMS or ECM, keeping our colleagues up-to-date. Notes from business meetings, minutes, reminders and basically all textual notes you create in your Smartphone or Tablet can be uploaded to your corporate database. Do to the Text upload you need to open… Read more

Are you familiar with mobile enabler technology?

Mobile enabler technology helps you reduce your corporate system complexity without modifying the existing system you use in your company. This technology provides you access to your corporate data when on the move, using devices like Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7.Our customers are using enprovia® mobile enabler mostly for the remote access to their documents… Read more

Mobile Enabler cuts complexity when accessing enterprises being mobile

The enprovia Mobile Enabler solution reduces complexity when you take your enterprise applications mobile. The main benefits are: No change of existing enterprise applications needed Ready-to-use connectors for many existing business systems and applications Ready-to-use business logic for common use-cases, removing the logic from the native mobile apps and placing it on the middleware Integrated,… Read more

2011 Best Smartphones

A review specialist TopTenREVIEWS  compared the most commonly used smartphones based on various criteria and came up with the following rank:1, Apple iPhone 42, Motorola Atrix3, HTC Thunderbolt4, T-Mobile myTouch 4G5, Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC EVO 4G7, Droid X8, Google Nexus S9, Droid Pro10, Droid IncredibleWhether you use your Smartphone for business or just because they are so cool, in combination with… Read more

Tablet app sales to generate $8.1 bln in 2015

According to a Forrester Research blog entry from February this year, we will see app sales totaling 8.1 billion USD by the year 2015, up from 300 million USD in 2010. What is most interesting is to see how Apple is going to cope with this in terms of modifying their current app store model, which is not really supportive to enterprise customers nor supports common enterprise license models. Read more

Packaged vs. custom-built applications

A recent Forrester research blog post discussed the pros and cons with packaged (i.e. ready-made) applications vs. custom built ones. The blog is well worth a read. I truly believe we will see a lot of custom development for user interfaces in the next few years - often what is missing is not the functionality of an existing back-end application, rather the usability of a front end service/interface,… Read more

Tablet-specific apps in corporate hands

A survey conducted by ChangeWave Research focused on tablet-specific apps usage in the enterprise. The results showed a variety of tablet-specific apps that are most commonly used by companies. The winning positions belonged to internet access, e-mail checking and working away from the office. Here is the complete list with the percentage of all polled companies:-Internet access: 73%-Checking e-mail:… Read more

enprovia provides nearshore outsourcing for Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Some of the countries where our professional services nearshore customers are located are Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We help out with the complete software lifecycle, from analysis, design, implementation, integration tests, deployments and maintenance of both small and large projects.Our customers are getting skilled, highly motivated team members at very competitive rates. If they have mobile… Read more

We have our French site up and running

Thanks to our partner MobilAgile out of France, our French website enprovia.fr is now up. MobilAgile is reselling our Mobile Enabler solution for ECM and DMS vendors, system integrators and consultants in France. Read more

More and more iPads in the enterprise

Lets see how this year turns out. Right now we are all seeing analysts with forecasts of even more iPads in the enterprise. Here are some of the latest voices on this.Global CIO: iPad Becoming Kingmaker For Enterprise AppsiPad's success in business market underscores critical need for competitors to match soaring downloads of iPad-ready enterprise apps.Big Corporations Are About To Buy A Lot Of iPadsEnterprises… Read more