Using a Smartphone to stay in touch with the workflow becoming more and more popular

Not only the World mobile congress in Barcelona  early this year or CeBIT Hannover in March proved that Smartphones are making their way into enterprise. With the increasing need of staying informed about all processes going on in a company, raises also the need for Smartphone apps enabling the remote management. Working outside the office often increases the productivity since making business development… Read more

Device loyalty calls for versatile apps

Smartphone users and basically not just them are not very likely to switch platforms. So over a period of time each platform has created its own fan base and they are probably not going to change. Switching camps is simply something that is not going to happen very often, I believe. This statistically proven phenomenon is, however, not an issue for our mobile enabled Document Management System. No… Read more

Smartphone "voice upload" functionality making its way to general popularity

Uploading voice data via Smartphone directly into your document management system is a phenomenon that is rather new but it is slowly creating its fan club. There are situations in which voice data storage can save a lot of time and make our lives easier. My friend who is a journalist tried the voice upload via Smartphone last week when he interviewed some people at a charitable event. His editor-in-chief… Read more

Smartphones becoming a necessity in enterprise environment

Even during the economy downturn people realize that in order to keep their business up, there are no such things as slowdown or break. Keeping up with all market demands is crucial. One of the latest trends is also mobile enabling of a business. Going mobile nowadays represents an innovative vision, highlighting the importance of flexibility and ability to act on the move. Increasing sales of BlackBerry,… Read more

Video on enprovia, values and future

A video with me discussing the values of enprovia, our mobile enabler (that is also used in the mDMS vertical solution) and what I believe will be seeing in the near term future. Read more

Notification of changes in use

Lately we have all got use to being informed 24/7 thanks to our Smartphones. Especially the e-mails can reach us basically anywhere and that's quite convenient. However, it's not just the e-mails that we can have at our fingertips at any time. enprovia® mDMS enables you access to all your corporate data within just a few seconds. And if you activate the „notification of changes", you even get an alert… Read more

Use mDMS app and all its features in your favor

There are many ways how a good, well chosen smartphone application can help your business. Especially if you spend a lot of time on the move and you need to stay in touch with all the happenings in your company. Whether you need to keep an eye on your enterprise documents, financial flow, or you just need to stay flexible and ready to react promptly, you might start thinking about enprovia® Mobile… Read more

Uploading images into your DMS via Smartphone

Uploading data via Smartphones has recently replaced a bunch of devices, starting with Dictaphones, ending with post-it. Making our lives easier it is now possible to upload images, texts and even voice to a Smartphone for the most comfortable and fast communication. It takes just a few clicks to do so½ Open your mobile Document Management system on your Smartphone, open a folder and click the arrow… Read more

Some consider 2011 to be the year of the Mobile enterprise apps

The study conducted by Kelton Research announced that „90% of U.S. and UK IT managers surveyed will implement new mobile apps in 2011." Despite this being a bit shocking piece of information, it is a sign, that companies primary focus is now on cost reduction and productivity increase. Efficiency can be frequently well supported by staying in touch with all happenings in your company and flexible reaction… Read more

In the picture

The Mobile enabler middleware architecture allows me to have a user access to my enterprise data 24/7. It enables me to interact and do business with our customers, and that is all happening just by using a Smartphone and the right application. This technology helps me stay aware of all changes done to our company documents, which is highly appreciated due to work efficiency increase. Keeping the workflow… Read more