Mobile World Congress showed strong interest in our solutions

The MWC in Barcelona last week was really good. We had the chance to present our solutions for mobile enabling enterprise solutions live to interested companies.Several larger system integrators are now evaluating the Mobile Enabler solution for providing their customers with easy mobile access to existing enterprise backend systems.Our out-of-the-box DMS/ECM support for all four OS's (iOS, BB, Android… Read more

enprovia® mDMS allows voice upload

There are many-many ways how to store data, some of them are more common some are less. The one that is definitely less common for me is a voice data storage. Hence I was a bit captivated when I found out that it is possible to upload such recording via Smartphone right info your document management system. Usingenprovia® mobile Document Management System you can upload your data by clicking on the… Read more

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2011 in figures

The organizers of Mobile world congress in Barcelona published some important figures and facts about this year's event. So I'll let the figures talk:1,361 exhibitors1,999 fellow attendees to network withmore than 55,000 visitors (according to GSMA Ltd., the organising association of the congress, more than 60,000 people attended)54% C-Level attendees at MWC last year3,885 total minutes of Conference… Read more

RIM Blackberry a part of mDMS family

If you need a permanent access to your enterprise documents in order to keep your workflow efficient then using the mDMS (mobile Document Management System) app on your Blackberry is what enables you to do so.    mDMS allows its users to search (fulltext, document name, folder name) and also to navigate through folders in Scalaris® ASP, Alfresco®, Microsoft Sharepoint® and basically any DMS with WebDAV… Read more

enprovia® is on the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona presenting the mobile enabler solution for enterprise application vendors and system integrators

Every year, the GSMA Mobile World Congress attracts the largest number and highest-quality attendees from the mobile industry. This year we are one of them. enprovia® Software Engineering presents its mobile enabler middleware architecture in Barcelona from 14-17 February 2011.    If you're looking to be inspired by senior industry leaders and learn more about the exciting transformation mobile offers,… Read more

Mobile enabler under the microscope

A web-based marketing applications developer reviewed our middleware architecture "mobile enabler" and here is what they think.enprovia® mobile enabler middleware architecture represents a new trend in businesses going mobile. It shortens the time to market solutions and services and increases the number of mobile device types that can connect.You can gain a lot by using enprovia® mobile enabler middleware… Read more

Make or buy decision for mobile access to ECM?

I had a discussion the other day with an ECM vendor. They were right in the middle of a make or buy decision to be able to provide mobile access to their solution. I think this is really a positive sign, it shows that ECM vendors are meanwhile taking mobile access for their products seriously and they are starting to work on mobile strategies.The higher up the item is on the strategic agenda, one could… Read more

Looking for a talented blogger support

If you are interested in technology and latest trends in software development then you are the One. We have got a great idea and product helping companies go mobile. It shortens the time to market for vendors and system integrators who want to provide mobile access to their business systems, such as ECM, DMS, ERP and to e-commerce.Let us know if you are interested in checking it out and writing a review. Read more

Moving news to iPhone

Do you follow the trend of reading news using your Smartphone? Is a regular part of your morning reading or browsing sport news? Then you will be pleased to hear that more and more newspapers and web portals are available this way.If you are a basketball fan, you can now have all your favorite sport news, game results, articles and biographies available in your iPhone®. How? Thanks to enprovia's Basket… Read more

Reducing integration complexity taking enterprise applications mobile

Granted, it is a mouthful: Reducing the integration complexity of an enterprise service when taking it mobile. We at enprovia are helping companies cut cost and time, mobile enabling their business systems with ready-to-use products. For example our mobile enabler, it is a solution that can be viewed as a black-box containing required logic inside the box with a few, robust and well defined interfaces… Read more