New trend of going mobile rolls at full speed

enprovia® mobile enabler middleware architecture represents a new trend in businesses going mobile. It shortens the time to market solutions and services and increases the number of mobile device types that can connect. Currently  you can enjoy the applications and their features via iPhone, iPad, Android, RIM Blackberry and Windows mobile 7. This architecture easily integrates with DMS's, ECM's, BPM's,… Read more

Remote wipe of data across different mobile devices?

Our solution for rolling out mobile connectivity for enterprise solutions, mobile enabler, supports management functionality across a set of different devices, including iPhone, iPad, RIM BB, Android and Phone 7.The encrypted vault, a dedicated area for locally stored documents or business objects on the mobile device, can be given a dedicated retention time after which they are automatically removed.… Read more

Mobile enabled Document Management System is the future

It was back in the 1980s when the need for processing loads of paper documents became more relevant and so the software vendors started to focus on solving this issue in a painless and user-friendly way. This process had to undergo a complicated evolution through various "perfection" stages, since being able to digitally store and process documents, photos, faxes, etc. became more and more important… Read more

Manage your enterprise documents remotely with Blackberry

Do you spend a lot of time out of office? Do you need to have frequent if not permanent access to your enterprise documents? Using the mDMS app on your Blackberry helps you to stay in touch with your office 24/7.  Mobile-enabled document management system allows you to remotely navigate through folders in your document management system and you have all detailed properties of documents and folders… Read more