Try out the new On-screen annotation

Many of you, who are interested in photograpy and imaging already know about enprovia's software „Annotate expert" which helps you identify, mark and comment on relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself. These days it is possible to try out a new functionality - On-screen annotation. It is used to annotate directly what you see on the screen. It is especially the quality… Read more

Mobile enabling your products and solutions doesn't necessarily mean modifying your existing systems

Mobile enabler middleware architecture by enprovia® helps its users to reduce system complexity and shorten time-to-market for their solution or services. With the enabler you can increase the number of mobile device types that can connect and get push-notification and subscription services, object caching and thinning of large objects directly out-of-the-box. This architecture runs on UNIX, Linux… Read more

ITslaves university contest turned out to be a great success

This week ITslaves organized a community contest at one of the universities in Bratislava. Contest involved search for information from ITslaves community forum and successful contestants were rewarded with ITslaves T-shirts. ITslaves is a user-driven community which went public two and a half years ago after a 6-month Beta phase. It is an open minded community for IT and software engineers, consultants,… Read more

mobile enabled eCommerce by enprovia® brings a lot of benefits

mShop application allows its users to expand their customer base and reach out to new, potential clients with mobile commerce on iPhone®, Blackberry®, Google Android, Windows mobile and other smartphones. It allows you to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions "out-of-the-box" offering simplified user interface and providing users with immediate market access. Talking about advantages, low… Read more

Easy image annotations with enprovia's "Annotate Expert"

"Annotate expert" - software for image annotations by enprovia Software engineering, has some useful tricks up its sleeve. "Annotate expert" allows its users to easily attach notes or user references to any desired areas of a picture. How is that helping? Read on.This software allows you to identify, mark and comment on relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself. It enables… Read more