Describe a problem or issue using an image

Quality Management folks typically write a lot when describing and reporting software defects, right? Well, yes, but not always. As a QA engineer, you want to be as precise as possible as not to avoid misunderstandings, yet you want to be efficient, not spending unnecessary amount of time on something that could have been done smoother and faster. Having a tool that easily lets you capture the part… Read more

ECM, DMS and ERP vendors and systems integrators going mobile

There is a definite push to go mobile for independent software vendors and systems integrators. The main industry sectors moving towards mobile device integration of existing business applications are, according to IDG, Banking (36%), IT & Com (11%), Healthcare (10%) and Legal (9%)Our mobile-enabling technology is helping software vendors and systems integrators to enable their systems, shortening… Read more

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Discrete access to your corporate files even during a business meeting

Sometimes it is just THAT little piece of information that we need at business meetings or company briefings. Mobile access to corporate documents solves such problems once and for all. enprovia's mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) enables its users to discretely access their files even during a business meeting and search for the particular file or a piece of information within any document.… Read more