I wish I could draw

I have always wished to know how to draw but somehow this ability was not meant for me. At least I always thought so. Until½ a friend told me about a course in which attendees were able to capture basic tricks and observation techniques in just 2 days. I didn't really want to believe it½ especially knowing my marvelous drawing talent. Seeing my skepticism my friend wanted to prove me wrong. And he… Read more

Marked, tagged, shared

It's been just a couple of days since we got back from our company trip so now it's the right time to process all the pictures we had taken. And there is no better way to do it than using the great help of the "Annotate expert" - application enabling its users to identify, mark and comment on relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself.Marking places and people, commenting… Read more

enprovia sharing ENPAT pictures via iPhone

Three days after enprovia adventure trip we finally managed to upload our ENPAT pictures and sorted them out into files and galleries. Those of us who are registered NIKONIANS members could also showcase their photos using our mGallery iPhone application. mGallery offers its users a variety of functionalities such as search, bookmarking photographers portfolios, saving images, sending images via email,… Read more

Higher, stronger, better

Enprovia team members gathered once again at the annual enprovia trip to enjoy themselves off the working hours and seek some adventure. And so we did. Our trip to Northern Slovakia started on Friday afternoon when we all boarded the train with our better halves, ready to have some fun hiking, talking, competing. Spending some time together in relaxed informal atmosphere where we could leave all work… Read more

Present your photography work using a mobile Gallery

"mGallery" is a mobile-enabled portfolio solution for all photographers who want to showcase their work, having their portfolio available at all times. A couple of months ago a photographer who was applying for a job at Nikonians photographer community used mGallery during our job interview to present his professional skills.   If you need to present your work in any similar way, try out mGallery and… Read more

Photokina 2010 in figures

The world's leading fair for photography and imaging - Photokina - opened its gates for photographers, imaging technology creators and all friends of photography in Cologne from 21st until 26th September 2010. Photokina 2010 offered a presentation of all the imaging media, imaging technologies and imaging markets focusing on the image, various products, technologies and the latest forms of modern communication.… Read more