enprovia® Mobile Forms celebrating 2nd Birthday

eForms PrtScn enprovia® Mobile Forms have been assisting its users with data collecting on the go,  enabling easy information processing for 2 years now. Mobile forms are accessible via smartphones and tablets providing a user-friendly interface for data collection. As a result it reduces the distribution time and effort and allows for a fast response.

Our Mobile Forms allow for simple as well as complex form and questionnaire creation and deployment when data needs to be captured on the move. Mobile Forms integrate with your own enterprise systems and document storage repositories or archives.

What do Mobile Forms mean for you?

• Secure data capture through encryption, authentication and auditing facilities
• Flexible form definitions integrate with existing forms syntax if needed
• Dynamic forms that are built and shown according to entered data
• Combine fixed form data with dynamic information from ERP or CRM systems
• Combine forms with captured images, attachments and electronic signatures
• Central storage of online form definitions
• Real-time integration of captured data with backend systems, such as ERP or CRM systems
• Possibility to render captured data to various formats prior to storage, e.g. as PDF documents in an ECM or Sharepoint system

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