Try Boomerang for your best project management

Boomerang by enprovia® is a web based tool for scrum developers and project managers. It allows you to manage your software engineering projects, the stories that build up a project and the sprints (the development iterations) within it. Boomerang allows you to organize your User Stories, plan the individual Sprints, manage the Daily Scrum and perform a retrospective, based on collected data and information… Lesen Sie mehr

Upcoming Galaxy Note II launch

Samsung Electronics is getting ready for the upcoming launch of the second-generation Galaxy Note II phone/tablet hybrid. It should be launched on August 29 and there is a YouTube video giving a glimpse at the device.The teaser shows that the phone will feature a stylus like its predecessor and will have a silver trim around the edge.Some reports suggest the phone will also have a slightly larger display… Lesen Sie mehr

Smartphone apps for photographers come handy after tons of summer adventure images

Summer full of great photo opportunities, locations and adventures is always appreciated not only by photographers. There is no better time to share all your experience than the end of summer when you can inspire others and maybe even get some tips and hints for yourself. Enprovia offers smartphone apps tailored to photo-enthusiasts' needs:"mGallery" is the latest mobile-enabled application for photographers… Lesen Sie mehr

Integrating your documents the smart way

Smart document integration (SDI) solution by enprovia provides its users with synchronized access to various users' backends, covering e-mails, repositories, databases or libraries. Using a smart device like iPhone, iPad, or any common android or windows device with enprovia SDI installed on it, you get access to all data stored in cloud just using one single app.  Smart document integration brings… Lesen Sie mehr

enprovia® enterprise app free DEMOs available now

For those who need to reach enterprise data with no limits and manage not only documents and images but also payments, forms, and project documentation there is a variety of apps by enprovia that brings efficiency to business processes.   Here is the list of enterprise mobile apps to ease your work and boost up your efficiency:   • Mobile access to content management systems • Mobile documents in document… Lesen Sie mehr

Analyst predicts iPhone 5 September launch to shore up Apple Q4 results

An analyst at Piper Jaffray  stated that the iPhone 5 launched expected on September 12 may add 6 to 10 million units to Apple's Q4 sales.It is quite likely that Apple might unveil its much-awaited sixth generation smartphone - iPhone 5 at an event organized on 12 September, and start shipping on 21 September. If this scenario comes true the Apple's fourth quarter earnings could increase 12%, DailyFinance predicts.There… Lesen Sie mehr

Samsung Galaxy Note tablet mid-patent trial

Samsung Electronics has launched a new tablet - the Galaxy Note 10.1, which comes midway through a patent trial involving the South Korean firm and Apple.The new Android tablet is different by featuring a stylus and a screen which can measure 24 levels of pressure sensitivity. It also allows a split-screen mode in which two apps can be used at once.Apple, however, claims that some users mistakenly… Lesen Sie mehr

New Windows tablets come this fall

Bloomberg newswire published today information on new Windows tablets to come in fall this year.As informed by the newswire, consumers will have a new choice of tablets that run Apple's iOS and Google Android. Microsoft Windows slates should arrive in time for the holiday season and they will differ from prior attempts at Windows tablets.With a more touch-friendly interface and the use of smartphone… Lesen Sie mehr

Boost up your smartphone with tailor-made business apps

enprovia offers a number of business applications for most common smartphones and tablets and it is only up to business users to choose the one that is the most suitable for their enterprise. eFORMS -  Mobile-enabled tool for a flexible data collection with out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android. eFORMS enables you to create dynamic easy-to-process questionnaires… Lesen Sie mehr

Apple's iOS 6

The and brought some leaked information on iOS 6 claiming more than 200 new features including a new Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation; a central storehouse called Passbook for consumer loyalty cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, and gift cards; FaceTime video chat over cellular data; system-wide Facebook integration; online photo sharing; and improvements to Siri. As… Lesen Sie mehr