Automation in Quality Assurance

Lately, enprovia® has been introducing more and more automation into its QA in order to provide better quality and value for the customer.  It is essential for development and maintenance processes as well as for the mobile applications to have a robust test set covering all potential threats.

enprovia® uses automation tool that enables running test script on Android and iOS devices. It provides a variety of options for testers to write a test script: recording a test by clicking on elements on virtual/real device, creating test cases by writing code in Java/Java scripts, or creating test cases by writing code in the native command system of the QA automation tool. Having the hands-on experience we can state that writing test scripts in Java/Java Script is a solid way to achieve a robust test campaign. 

Another advantage of using such testing tool is the performance of test scripts on virtual as well as on real devices. Moreover, it is possible to have tests running on multiple connected devices at the same time, what is beneficial when there is a need for trying different operating systems versions or various screen resolutions.

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