Latest enterprise mobile client for iOS 7 available

enprovia springCMA SpringCM enterprise mobile client for iOS 7 is now available after a facelift and some improvements by enprovia® team to the application for even more efficient workflow. This iPhone/iPad app enables its users to safely share files and get their work done also on the go. Users can access, view and manage their files directly on their iPhone and iPad, update document status and share files with a link, native file attachment or PDF attachment. The app also allows you to quickly search all your files and folders with full-text search and enables to access prior versions of your documents. SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise, driving the next wave of transformation in Content Cloud Services. They specialize in putting business content to work - organizing teams, tasks, and content for projects, automating workflows, helping IT be more agile in delivering high-value content applications quickly.

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