Positive response to iPhone antitheft solution

Apple Inc. has come up with a solution for the problem of stealing their devices and legal officials have already sent positive vibes to the company.

Apple's next mobile operating system iOS 7 will include a feature called „Activation Lock" that should help prevent theft. „The feature disables the iPhone even if a thief has turned it off or erased the data on the phone. It can be reactivated only after the user logs into it with the right Apple ID and password", informs the New York Times.

Legal officials in the US have been pushing smartphone makers to take steps towards customer protection and they organized a meeting in New York with representatives from Apple, Motorola Mobility, Samsung and Microsoft to discuss possible ways to deal with the issue.

Last year, the wireless carriers created a database of phones reported stolen, preventing them from being reactivated on an American network, although the police found it ineffective.

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