Mobile device volume is not everything

It is clearly stupid to only count how many devices you have sold without considering if you made a profit on the sales or not. According to this blog, it is clear that that is exactly what Google is doing with Android. The article is well worth reading and discuss fair share profit analysis among others, what makes a lot of sense in a growing market such as the mobile segment.

When it comes to business mobile usage, using the devices to connect to enterprise services and processes, we at enprovia experience a strong push for iOS development, after that some Android stuff. Windows phone 8 or BlackBerry application requests are way less frequent. This goes hand-in-hand with what indeed are used by many in the enterprise today. Specifically for document management, the push has been for the larger screens and the iPad was an icebreaker. The numerous testing environments needed for Android is a draw back, so the initial cost savings of potentially being a pitch faster developing on Android is often nullified when QA is taking into account.

For sure, Android has made a lot of headway into the enterprises, but iOS is the reference.

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