Best smartphones of 2012

This smartphone-dominated year brought a lot of incredible and much awaited gadgets and there are various lists of the best ones flying around these days. Here is the list put together by

1. Apple iPhone 5 (Much more than a tall iPhone 4S with a new plug. A powerful evolution on the theme of iPhone putting the competition back on the starting blocks.)

2. Google Nexus 4 (You quite simply get the performance and features of a high-end smartphone for half the price you would expect to pay.)

3. Samsung Galaxy S3 (Turned out to be an excellent smartphone. It offers a good design and build quality, despite our small niggles. Samsung has put together an impressive set of hardware resulting in silky smooth performance and extensive software features.)

4. Motorola Razr i (A great all-rounder smartphone. It offers a great combination of design and performance for a reasonable price. It's worth a look for its price and worthy of our recommended award.)

5. HTC One S (An excellent mid-range smartphone option. It might not have the headline specifications of the One X but it outdoes it on performance and battery life. It does this in a more user friendly size, better build quality and a cheaper price tag.)

6. Huawei Ascend G300 (A budget Android smartphone that outperforms everything in its price range.)

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (As a phone, it has the same kind of capabilities as the Galaxy S III, with slightly faster performance an added bonus to the increased screen size, at the expense of one-handed usability.)

8. Sony Xperia P (More user-friendly sized, better designed and more attractively priced version of the Xperia S. Although the specifications aren't astounding and the software is yet to be brought into 2012, we like the device. Highlights are the decent screen and excellent camera but if you have a bit more cash to spend, the HTC One S is a better option.)

9. Motorola Razr Maxx (An excellent choice for a high performing smartphone. The decent specifications combined with exceptional battery life let it stand it out from the crowd. Software is dated but this situation may improve if Android 4.0 becomes available.)

10. Nokia Lumia 920 (A very desirable smartphone. Fantastic screen, decent camera and it's jam packed with features. However, the downsides are the chunky design and somewhat spartan app store.)

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