Smartphone apps for photographers come handy after tons of summer adventure images

Summer full of great photo opportunities, locations and adventures is always appreciated not only by photographers. There is no better time to share all your experience than the end of summer when you can inspire others and maybe even get some tips and hints for yourself. 

Enprovia offers smartphone apps tailored to photo-enthusiasts' needs:

"mGallery" is the latest mobile-enabled application for photographers by enprovia® Software engineering. It is a portfolio solution for all photographers who want to showcase their work. mGallery offers you a variety of functionalities such as search, Bookmarking photographers portfolios, saving images, sending images via email, a random mosaic display of images and various views. The app can also be customized at a low, fixed fee, branded with the photographer's studio name and logo, including how to book time and fees.

The "Good Locations" by Nikonians® iPhone application enables you to take images of locations, to automatically tag them with their geographic location (GPS data), to rate and to share them with other photographers. The app allows easy scouting and sharing of photographic locations. Locations are shared on a searchable web-based map and can also be automatically published to Facebook, twitter and the Nikonians forums. 

"Annotate expert" by enprovia® Software engineering allows you to find what you need based on identified objects/people within an image, to which each annotation tag is related. It is very easy to use and allows you to search for document and discuss well identified parts, not only the complete image. Annotate Expert allows you to keyword certain areas of an image, not simply to the complete photo. The application is available for MS Windows and Macintosh.

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