Easy-to-use ECM client for Mac users

Using ECM clients can sometimes become a bit confusing, especially when the program is not very intuitive and makes us think too much about how to use various features. Enprovia's ECM client for Apple Macintosh users named "BlueJet" is a native, east-to-use Mac OS X client that enables its users to manage their corporate data easier than ever before. For the best possible support BlueJet features easy editing of documents within ECM and DMS systems as well as synchronization of the local document copies with ECM or DMS. This helps a lot when you need to update or modify your documents regularly. Uploading documents using drag and drop functionality comes as a BlueJet standard feature and all uploaded documents are stored in encrypted vault area available also for an offline use. When you need to search for documents, BlueJet advanced search with the search history functionality is ready to be used for the fastest and most comfortable data search. Automatic updates and notification of changes are also parts of BlueJet feature set. enprovia BlueJet is fully integrated into Mac OS X and it is compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems. Find out more or request a DEMO today.

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