SDI makes business user-friendly

Content fragmentation when your data sit in several repositories can make your business communication not only annoying but also inefficient. enprovia Smart Document Integration solution (SDI) makes access to your corporate data comfortable because it uses just one access point to various back ends. SDI lets its users perform a federated search across any repository they wish, providing them with a variety of on-demand features tailored to their needs. No matter if you need to reach to your document management system, customer relationship management or e-mail attachment.  SDI enables you to remotely access data and stay informed about all changes that are happening in your corporate DMS or ECM. Smart Document Integration enables its users to use one tool for comfortable accessing their corporate documents, images, audio files, e-mails, and all digital assets. The app also enables comfortable advanced data search (based on key words) and fast data upload (documents, images, etc.) all accompanied by secure offline storage of all your corporate data.

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