Merchants getting support by mCommerce

As you know enprovia mCommerceallows moving of the existing online stores into mobile devices. At the same time it enables merchants to comfortably accept credit cards and other payments on the go by simple "accept - deny" buttons. Moving your online shops, or better to say product catalogues into smartphones ensures that your customers can reach you and your products at any time without any special effort. There are many ways how to ensure a higher turnover and mCommerce is among the hottest ones right now. Merchants understand how important it is to be available for their customers when they need to visit their "shop". mComerce app by enprovia allows merchants to be closer to their customers via any commonly used smartdevices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows mobile. The app allows you to connect to the most common ecommerce solutions "out-of-the-box".

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