Agile software development conference in Bratislava on 6th June

All interested in agile software development and practises for most efficient software delivery are welcome to join the enprovia® Scrum day on 6th June in Bratislava, Slovakia. Among the main reasons to join is the opportunity to learn about day-to-day experiences with Scrum from companies working for over ten years with agile methodologies as well as understand how to avoid common mistakes, discuss tools and concepts that help you in your daily work and of course to get to know other people with rich agile experience and socialize. The main speeches to be given at Scrum day are „Caveats and traps to avoid in agile development", "Success factors for medium to large size Scrum teams " by Rolf Katzenberger, "Scrum methodology in a near-shore company" by  Federico Sensi and "Scrum tools in use" by Dusan Privoznik. Get more info and register today.  

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