mDMS available for all common platforms

If you need mobile access to your corporate digital assets and you are contemplating enprovia's mDMS app, you do not need to worry about whether or not the mDMS is compatible with your smartphone or your company's document management system.  The mobile-enabled document management system is available for all common platforms and could be downloaded from iTunes or Marketplace. mDMS provides its users with a remoteaccess to corporate data enabling comfortable advanced search among documents and digital assets, as well as upload of files directly into the DMS or ECM systems. The app is sitting on top of Mobile Enabler middleware that helps reduce your corporate system complexity without modifying the existing system you use in your company. This technology provides remote access to all corporate data using any common devices like Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7. It runs on UNIX, on Linux and MS-Windows servers and provides connectors with backend support for Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint® DMS / ECM and ASP services.

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