mDMS provides remote offline access to data

enprovia's remote data access business application - mDMS enables its users to use the app fully also in an offline mode for comfortable access to their corporate documents when there is no internet access available. The mDMS app provides its users with the possibility of comfortable offline access to their corporate files and basically all digital assets. After having searched and loaded all needed data, it is possible to have it securely stored in Vault storage for later offline use. Vault is a password protected area for your comfortable and secure offline access to your documents and folders. All content can be managed through the so called Manage option, which gives the option to remove it from the Vault but not from Document Management System itself. Using mDMS helps a lot when you need any kind of information from your document management system and you happen to be in a place from where you don't have access to your computer, like airport, train station, or even holiday resort when storing documents in your smartphone for later offline use can be particularly useful. Remote access to all your corporate digital assets and its management in offline mode are among mDMS main features.

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