Your work results presented effectively on a Tablet

Participating in a meeting often involves presenting certain data, images, results. Presentations as we know from conferences are, however, not always suitable especially when presenting to just a couple of people or if the meeting takes place in premises lacking the necessary equipment. Carrying a laptop with you at all times also became a bit out-of-date. So in the era of smartphones and tablets it comes as no surprise that we want to use them also for showcasing work results. Smartphones and tables with the right business app installed on them can ease not only data presentation itself but also data search and upload. One of the apps enabling all that is the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) by enprovia. Once you have the mDMS installed on your device you can search all the documents and folders just by inserting a keyword. mDMS allows you to search fulltext, by document name, by folder name and navigate through folders in your document management system. Like that you can easily display all documents, images or any digital assets to your audience. enprovia mDMS supports the most common document management systems like Scalaris® ASP, Alfresco®, Microsoft Sharepoint® and basically any DMS with WebDAV support. Having all digital assets at your fingertips allows you to effectively showcase all work results packed in any common format.

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