Smartphone as your office

At today's overload of smartphones with various business apps, they are no longer just communication devices, they have become rather walking offices and smart assistants. Various apps and features enable us to multitask and reach out for information, data or people with less and less effort. This multitasking computing through smartphones can become even more efficient when using just one tool to access different back ends to reach for any enterprise data. Using a Smart document integration app on your smart device enables you to use one tool for complete access to various systems. This solution brings comfortable data access and data processing allowing for advanced document search (reaching for any digital assets you posses in your database), data upload (sending documents, audio files or images directly to your DMS or ECM systems), secure offline data storage (placement of data into password protected area for an offline use) and more (e.g. the popular Notification of changes, alerting you whenever a change occurs in any of your corporate docs) synchronized into a sole access point. So if you need to leave your office without any "damage" to your workflow and decision making ability, take your office you in a form of Smart document integration.

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