Mobile eForms supporting your data collection

enprovia's recent smartphone app "eForms" enables its users to easily create, access and fill out electronic forms and questionnaires and to process the collected data quickly whenever needed. To insert data into an eForm you first need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. A new window opens showing options you have created on your computer. Then choose the option you need based on the data you wish to enter into the file. After filling in the data and clicking "submit" button your information is saved and ready for further processing, accessible from your smartphone device or from your computer. This application enables creation of electronic forms using a user-friendly interface. With eForms, you have all the information available anytime, not only in online, but also in offline mode. All collected data can be exported in any needed format (xml, pdf, ASCII, etc). Mobile eForms shorten the distribution time and allows for a fast response. Whatever data you need to collect comfortably on the go, you can do so with the eForms app. Get more info on eForms today.

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