mGallery provides photographers with a remote access to their photos

enprovia mGallery is a portfolio solution for professional or semi-professional photographers who would like to showcase their work remotely via smartphone or tablet, having their portfolio at their fingertips at all times. This solution uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved. Images can further be viewed in different resolutions. Among other useful and user popular features are „Search" that allows you to search among Nikonians registered users and find the photographer you are looking for, "Bookmarking" photographers' portfolios enabling users to bookmark certain photographers and have their portfolios available anytime without searching, "Saving" the images you liked directly to your mobile device, "Sending" images via email, as well as "A random mosaic display of images" that breaks the routine of a regular photo gallery and displays different pictures when the iPhone is shaken. mGallery is a free mobile application that can be used by any iPhone/iPad user. If you want to store your own images, you must be a registered Nikonians member. Using the mGallery app makes it easier to present your photography portfolio on the go. Read more

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