iPads help European doctors at work

Data from a survey conducted by Manhattan Research showed that 26% of European doctors use iPad at work and another 40% claim they are planning on buying an iPad within six months. The study surveyed 1,207 physicians in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy in Q4 last year to quantify the time doctors spend on professional internet use via iPad. Doctors used the device for 27% of professional internet use, while traditional desktop computers or laptops accounted for 55% and smartphones rounded out the field with 18%. The doctors use their iPads mostly for online referencing, reading online medical journals and watching videos, although some use their iPads to manage and educate their patients. To manage medical data in both online and offline mode is possible also with enprovia latest business app - eForms. Application that enables to collect data in the form of electronic forms using a user-friendly interface. Data collected in eForms are securely stored and available at all times, with the possibility of export in any needed format.

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