enprovia business smart apps

enprovia develops a variety of business smartphone applications and among the most popular ones built upon mobile-enabler architecture are mobile-enabled Document Management System (mDMS), mobile-enabled eCommerce and eForms. eForms application enables to collect feedback or any data in the form of electronic forms using a user-friendly interface. Data collected in eForms are securely stored and available at all times, both, in online and offline mode. Data you collect can be then exported in any needed format. eForms reduce the distribution time and effort and allows for a fast response.  mDMS appprovides permanent accessto data stored in DMS or ECM providing workflow support for your team. By using the advanced search you get the right results within seconds and all your team members are instantly notified about changes done within documents. If there is a need of adding a document, image or an audio file into your corporate files, you can do so using the upload functionality. mCommerce allows to move your online stores into mobile devices and also enables the merchants to accepts payments on the go. Moving your product catalogues into smartphones ensures that your customers can reach for you at any time.

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