How to reach various back-ends using a single tool

We all use various devices to fulfill various purposes. Phones to check our e-mails, desktop computers to access corporate files, one app enables us to do one thing while other app is the right tool for something else. enprovia® introduces a tool that enables you to access various back-ends with a single application installed to your smartphone and called it Smart Document Integration (SDI). SDI means using a single tool to remotely access all your corporate data.

Integrating several tools for accessing data into one means a comfortable access to corporate documents, contracts, e-mails and images and fast data processing allowing not only the advanced data search but also a fast data upload and secure offline storage of your corporate data.

enprovia® SDI is a single access solution that lets you perform a federated search across any repository you wish, providing you with a variety of on-demand features tailored to their needs. The added value of enprovia® SDI is its simplicity, clean and fast way to finding the content one is searching for. SDI enables you to reach various back-ends using just a single tool.

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