How to process data with eForms

If you need to collect data using a questionnaire or a similar electronic form you can do so easily by using enprovia eForms application. It is an intuitive app that can be used as a part of mobile-enabled document management system, or as an individual app. eForms helps you create dynamic questionnaires and collect data in a comfortable way. eForms allows you to access and fill out forms and questionnaires in just a few moments and allows to process it quickly and easily. In order to insert data into an eForm you need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. After you enter your password a new window opens showing options you have created on your computer. Choose the option you need based on the data you wish to enter into the file. Fill in the data and choose "submit" to save the information you inserted. Your new eForm is now automatically stored in the form of "First name Last name_YY_MM_DD" and is fully accessible from your smartphone device or from your computer. Files are displayed in PDF format for comfortable view and it is also possible to add attachments to each of your eForms.    Request a DEMO.

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