Pushing on-the-go business

Retailers, businessmen, managers, they all follow the latest trend in keeping their business stand-by at all times. Communication, correspondence, payments, notifications and much more is provided by still more popular smartphone apps.

Enprovia provides its customers with several smartphone apps providing best possible on-the-go support of one's business.

enprovia mobile-enabled Document Management System enables remote access to corporate data stored in the document management system or enterprise content management system. This is most commonly used when in the meetings or presentations. Advanced search functionality is included and enables to find the right results within seconds. Data upload is an inevitable part of the application.

enprovia mobile-enabled eCommerce allows users to expand their customer base and reach out to new, potential clients. It allows to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions, providing users with immediate market access. Using mShop merchants are able to move existing online stores (catalogues, etc.) to Smartphonhes and Tables, and accept credit cards and other payments on the go. 

enprovia eFORMS  provides a flexible data collection with out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android. eFORMS enables you to create dynamic easy-to-process questionnaires supporting marketing intelligence surveys and integration with existing business back-end systems, field engineering and Maintenance and Repair Operations data capture as well as eHealth with easy mobile capture supporting patients dossiers integration. 

Choose the right app for your business and manage easily on-the-go.

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