Let others know the good locations

How? Very easily by using the "Good Locations". An iPhone application by Nikonians® enabling its users to take images of locations, to automatically tag them with their geographic location (GPS data), to rate and to share them with other photographers. This app allows easy sharing of photographic locations with other photo fans and enthusiasts. These locations are shared on a web-based map and can also be automatically published to social networks and the Nikonians forums.  Using the app you can keep track of good locations and to scout and record photo locations or simply just to share the best locations with others. Rating good locations added by other photographers is also part of the fun and good inspiration for the next photo trip. You do not need to be registered at Nikonians community to read the postings done by others in the Good Locations forum. However, you must be a registered member if you want to post your locations in it. Share your Good locations app experience here or find out more

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