First eight months of the Voice upload mDMS functionality

Mobile-enabled Document Management System is quite a common tool used by large enterprises to remotely deal with enormous amount of documents. However, when its Voice upload functionality was launched 8 months ago, we were curious to observe how are mDMS users going to react.

Eight months later we see that Voice upload has found it fan base and effectively supports mDMS as a business tool helping managers, lawyers, headhunters, etc. increase their work efficiency and communication.

Voice upload is a part of mDMS application enabling its users to upload voice notes directly into their corporate DMS or ECM. In just three simple steps you can send whatever voice notes to your corporate files, making it available for all people involved.

After you click on the „Voice" button you can record your voice notes and save them. A default name in the form of „VOICE-YYYY-MM-DD-HH_MM_SS" is created, although you can edit it and modify according to your needs. The „Save" button uploads your recording into a folder of destination. In addition to Voice upload mDMS offers its users also Image and Text upload that you can send directly to your DMS or ECM systems within seconds.

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