Taking advantage of mDMS offline mode

Remote access to your corporate files is a little tool bringing a lot of comfort. However, there a more to it than just the access when being in a wi-fi environment. Mobile-enabled Document Management System gives you opportunity to use its potential also in an offline mode.

Once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in so called "Vault" storage. When there is no internet connection available you are still capable of accessing your data. Vault is a password protected area for your comfortable and secure offline access to your documents and folders. 

Vault area enables its users to managed files through the so called "Manage" option, which gives the option to remove it from the Vault but not from Document Management System itself.

Using mDMS to its full potential means taking advantage also of the offline mode. mDMS app is now available for many common Smartphones and Tablets such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows phone 7.

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