More options on the go

With all the possibilities we can get nowadays using Smartphones we would be crazy not to use all its potential to boost up our business as well. Games, videos, comfortable internet search½ these all interfere in our lives daily through Smart devices of all kinds and manufacturers. However, it really are the apps that make Smartphones such powerful tools so using its potential to help also in work area was just a question of time. It is not only about sending and receiving e-mails on the go. With the right app you can manage your entire office, including documents, digital assets and cash flow just by using a Smartphone. Our technology helping you stay in touch with your corporate documents even when out of office is called mobile-enabler. This technology enables its users access to all their DMS and ECM files (in other words corporate files you store in your company document management systems). You can browse through the documents, control your payments, upload data directly to your corporate files and all this just by using a Smartphone. There are a few basic mobile-enabler applications that are especially popular among business users. First to mention is "mDMS" - mobile-enabled Document Management System and mobile-enabled mCommerce "mShop" would follow right after. You can find more information and Demo here.

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