Mobile-enabled solutions popular among users

Based on the recent customer feedback, enprovia mobile-enabled solutions, specifically the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) are helpful for their remote document management and smoother workflow. In cooperation with other international companies, enprovia's mobile-enabled solutions are reaching out to more and more countries, cities and companies. Customers are always looking for more, so we are constantly working on keeping them satisfied, meeting their needs, following their hints and ideas. mDMS allows you to upload documents or to search (fulltext, document name, folder name) in your document management system or enterprise content management while having all detailed properties of documents and folders available. The pipeline for all this information is your smartphone or mobile device with mDMS installed. With mDMS there is a secure access and storage of documents on your device. enprovia® mDMS currently supports the following Document Management Systems: Scalaris® ASP, Alfresco®, Microsoft Sharepoint® and basically any DMS with WebDAV support. Get more information here.

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