Document-centric applications you should have in your Phone

Many business people use their Smartphone devices to mange their business issues as well as to get more efficient workflow. Nowadays it is possible to choose from a range of apps to pump up your business. Those among document-centric solutions running on most commonly used smartphones are e.g. mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) and mobile commerce (mShop).

mDMS enables you to access and manage your corporate data remotely and it is most commonly used when in the meetings, while travelling or at any time when you need to reach for the info from a contract, product documentation or a CV portfolio. Upload of date directly to your corporate DMS is also possible.

mShop allows you to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions, providing users with immediate market access. Using mShop merchants are able to move existing online stores (catalogues, etc.) to Smartphonhes and Tables, and accept credit cards and other payments on the go. 

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