Meet mShop

eCommerce nowadays represents an efficient tool enabling merchants to enlarge their customer base by reaching out to new, potential clients, and increase their turnover. Smartphone application "mShop" by enprovia® represents easier and more comfortable access to your services - accepting credit cards and other payments on the go and moving existing company catalogues to Smart devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Phone 7 and other Smartphones. mShop allows you to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions without any significant effort. Our mShop technology builds on the mobile enabler framework to add mobile commerce (m-commerce) to your existing eCommerce solution. Synchronizing the mShop with your existing system is very simple. The solution consists of two parts, a simple-to-install component - "gateway" - that runs on all common platforms and the mobile application itself. Using the mShop merchants are also able to get listed in the Apple iTunes app store and their customers gain permanent and fast access to their shops. Expand your customer base and reach out to new, potential customers!

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