Motorola trying to restore long-term profitability

Motorola Mobility is trying to restore their long-term profitability even in competition against Apple  and Samsung Electronics (using Google's Android platform as well). Motorola Mobility delayed the release of its Bionic phone to September and cut the price of its Xoom tablet to $499 from $599 to attract more customers.

The Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Jha confirmed that the decreased price had a very healthy impact on sales and said he expects the handset business to be profitable in the fourth quarter as well as for the year.

The company expects tablet sales to be lower in the 3rd quarter (compared to  440,000 sold in the 2nd quarter) since they are getting ready to release two new models in the fourth quarter.  

Motorola Mobility claimed to have sold 4.4 million Smartphones among 11 million devices total last quarter. The company expects to ship more Smartphones this quarter than last, and ship between 21 million and 23 million Smartphones and tablets this year.

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