Apple's next iPhone vs. Samsung's Galaxy S II

In 85 days Samsung managed to sell 5 million Galaxy S II Smartphones,  making it the fastest-selling handset in the company's history. On the other hand, Apple is far ahead with its iPhone 4 sales figures and it is expected to begin selling the next iPhone, which, in addition to other improvements, is sure to be the first with a dual-core chip, what can attract even more Smartphone geeky fans.

The sales prove that we are looking at the two most popular phones (talking about Apple iPhone 4) on the market at the moment and for the consumers this should not be a tough choice: If they want iOS, they buy an iPhone; if Android can meet their needs, the GS2 is the right choice.

For sure the next iPhone will impress but the Galaxy S II is shaping up to be the key to Samsung Smartphone so let's keep an eye on which one is going to win more consumer attention.

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