First year of mGallery

mGallery - mobile-enabled application for photographers - celebrates its first birthday these days. Twelve months after its official launch, mGallery has been a great success especially among Nikonians - a huge online community for Nikon users and all fans of photography and imaging technology.   mGallery offers photographers a variety of features to make their photography portfolio easier to present and more enjoyable to browse while using Apple iPhone or iPad. If you want to store your own images, you must be a registered Nikonians member. If you still aren't sure, what exactly can this app do for you, here is a list of mGallery features: Search - allows you to search among Nikonians registered users and find the photographer you are looking for. Once you find the photographer, you can bookmark his name so as not to search for him over and over again.   Bookmarking photographers' portfolios - enables users to bookmark certain photographers and have their portfolios available anytime without searching.   Saving images - Save the images you liked directly to your mobile device. Like this you can have the pictures you like gathered in your mobile device and access them anytime. Sending images via email - Send your images directly as an e-mail attachment to your friends and share your best shots½ or maybe even not the best ones ;o) Let other photographers or friends of photography know of any good locations for photo shooting, or just tease them with your holiday pictures. A random mosaic display of images - breaks the routine of a regular photo gallery and displays different pictures when the iPhone is shaken. Various views - vertical or horizontal. Choose depending on resolution of the picture you are showing to highlight its best features and bring out its potential. Views depend on whether the device is held horizontally or vertically.    Join the group of mGallery users and enjoy your pictures with friends anytime just using your iPhone or iPad. There is a wiki online help on the mGallery app available or you can simply ask for more info.

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