enprovia® mobile enabler behind the scene

This easy-to-install and operate java-based mobile enabler middleware architecture runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers, and provides connectors with backend support for Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint® DMS / ECM and ASP services. It easily integrates with DMS, ECM, BPM, CRM, e-commerce and social network services and its connectors are available for various backend systems. Mobile enabler technology helps you reduce your corporate system complexity without modifying the existing system you use in your company. This technology provides you access to your corporate data when on the go, using smart devices like Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7. enprovia® mobile enabler is used mostly for the remote access to corporate documents and for ecommerce purposes, adding mobile commerce to the existing ecommerce solutions. Mobile Document Management System helps its users when in the meetings, conferences, presentations, enabling them to access their corporate data such as contracts, product documentation, profiles, etc., as well as to upload data - text, voice or image upload.  mShop app allows its users to expand their customer base. It allows to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions, providing users with immediate market access. With mShop merchants are able to move their existing online stores to Tables and Smartphones, and accept credit cards and other payments on the go.  Extend your business today and check enprovia® mobile enabler at http://www.enprovia.com/products/mobile/enabler/index.html

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