New trend of going mobile rolls at full speed

enprovia® mobile enabler middleware architecture represents a new trend in businesses going mobile. It shortens the time to market solutions and services and increases the number of mobile device types that can connect. Currently  you can enjoy the applications and their features via iPhone, iPad, Android, RIM Blackberry and Windows mobile 7. This architecture easily integrates with DMS's, ECM's, BPM's, CRM's, e-commerce and social network services and its connectors are available for various backend systems.

This java-based mobile enabler middleware architecture runs on UNIX (HP-UX, IBM AIX½), on Linux and MS-Windows servers. It has a small footprint and is easy to install and operate.

For document-centric solutions, enprovia® provides connectors with backend support for several DMS / ECM and ASP services, such as Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint®.

If you own a business and you would like to increase your sales by getting a new customer base, then eCommerce is something you should not underestimate. For ecommerce our mShop technology builds on the mobile enabler framework to add mobile commerce (m-commerce) to your existing e-commerce solution. Synchronizing the mShop with your existing system is very simple. The solution consists of two parts, a simple-to-install component, the so called "gateway" that runs on all common platforms and the mobile application itself.

A set of social networking connectors provides easy support of user groups and networks such as Nikonians, Facebook and Twitter.

There is much more you can gain by using enprovia® mobile enabler middleware architecture so don't hesitate and inquire more info at [email protected]

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