Manage your enterprise documents remotely with Blackberry

Do you spend a lot of time out of office? Do you need to have frequent if not permanent access to your enterprise documents? Using the mDMS app on your Blackberry helps you to stay in touch with your office 24/7.  

Mobile-enabled document management system allows you to remotely navigate through folders in your document management system and you have all detailed properties of documents and folders available via Blackberry. Even if away from office.

All enterprise documents are up-to-date, and if anyone at the office makes any content changes to the documents, system notifies you immediately. Is it so thanks to the "Notification of changes" you can activate on your Blackberry.

With mDMS you have a secure access and storage of documents on your mobile device.

enprovia® mDMS currently supports the following Document Management Systems: Scalaris® ASP, Alfresco®, Microsoft Sharepoint® and basically any DMS with WebDAV support.

Join the Blackberry mDMS family and sense the difference!


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