Enprovia adventure trip (ENPAT)

Five more weeks and we'll go on another enprovia adventure trip! Invented to keep up the company spirit and to have some fun, each fall, all employees and their better halves get together and leave the city in expectation of something wonderful. Keeping this tradition for the past couple of years we have had some fun hiking, sporting, cooking and taking pictures. ENPAT is also a chance for any team member to try different team roles. Developers can be executives responsible for the smooth run of the event, executives can be chefs preparing wonderful breakfast for other team members. Everyone can have a look at other team roles from a different perspective. Each day of the trip we organize some activities and have a good time together. We like to keep it enjoyable so we try to avoid the "mandatory" team building features. Hikers and photographers lose themselves in the mountains while others enjoy games, wellness or just talk while preparing some food. Colleagues, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, children½ looking forward to seeing you all there :)

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