Mobile-enabled document management system a part of our daily routine.

Step by step we got used to checking our e-mails and calendars via mobile phones. Even though we first took it as a luxury, these days we rather take it for granted and can't imagine not to have the e-mail access at all times. This is true not only of e-mail access but also of mobile-enabled document management system. What first might be considered as above standard, can very easily gain relevance for smooth workflow and flexible communication with our colleagues, associates and clients. Once having mobile access to your enterprise documents, you can search all the documents and folders just by inserting a keyword. Mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) allows you to search fulltext, by document name, by folder name and navigate through folders in your document management system. With mDMS there is a secure access and storage of documents on your device. Even if your mobile device is stolen, your company data is secure - stored, encrypted in the local memory. Should anyone make any changes to content of your documents, the system notifies you immediately. This helps you stay posted at all times and it takes just one click to activate the notification of changes on your smartphone. Read more at

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