Photography portfolio available at a job interview

A couple of days ago I had a meeting with a photographer who was interested in executing some photography workshops for a photo community.

We had a good talk and besides discussing the "typical" HR questions, I found it helpful to see some of his work directly during our meeting. Thanks to enprovia latest smartphone app called the „mGallery" our applicant was able to show me his work and present the pictures in different resolutions and arrangements using his iPad. Impressive.

This meeting was to find out if our candidate was a professional, skilled photographer and if he is a good match to the team, able to work with people and motivate them. Being able to see his work really helped both parties since he could present a wide scope of pictures (which he normally would never carry with him). He proved that he was a talented photographer as well as a good communicator and listener.

If you need to present your work in any similar way, try out mGallery - new app for your smartphone.  


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