mobile enabler framework used in social networks

Our mobile enabling framework for business applications, a middle tier in Java, has connectors for various social networks, such as Facebook, twitter and Nikonians. We have created an application called Good Locations, an iPhones app for photographers (available in the iTunes app store for free) for the Nikon community Nikonians. It allows the users to scout and share good locations with other photographers. The captured information is automatically sent to the various social networks connected to the middle tier, which also has its own portal, showing the locations on a map, with search functionality, top posters of good (and bad) locations and more. We use the same middle tier for totally different tasks, mobile enabling Document Management Systems and creating rapidly deployable mobile-commerce solutions. The flexibility of the architecture allows us also to do mashups, e.g. to mix social network functionality with business solutions, such as sending notifications about certain document changes to a certain user group on a social network, or to inform my friends on Facebook about the items I have recently bought in a certain shop through my smartphone. Mixing various content sources, while ensuring both privacy and data integrity is definitely something we will see much more of in the near future. We are working closely with various social networks and user-driven communities and believe the integration with business solutions in these domains have just started to tap the available potential and synergies possible.

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