mobile Document Management on Apple's iPad

Our mDMS app runs without any changes on the iPad. Even if our current release of mDMS is not "HD" in the sense of being specifically developed for the iPad to use its larger screens higher resolution (1024 × 768 pixels vs 320×480 pixels for the iPhone), it runs on it flawlessly. Using mobile document management on the Apple iPad is both useful as well as fun - there is a reason why Apple has sold over 2 million units since the release in April even though a majority of them are likely not used by DMS users. The main extra you get using the iPad versus the iPhone or any other regular, smart phone, is of course the larger surface. The working space grows dramatically and to utilize and take advantage of it, vendors like us must provide adapted apps which adjust according to the target environment. There are several iPad specific software GUI "controls" that makes life even easier for the road warrior and these widgets or controls must then also be used by the application. We will provide a mDMS HD version to utilize the additional space provided on the iPad soon. I expect to have more news on this in July.

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