Options for mobile Document Management System (mDMS)

Don't know how about you people but I got tired of dealing with loads of documents always being out of sync½ Mobile access to our document management system is the key for me½ application that allows me access information wherever I am and whenever I need.

At enprovia we developed an application called mDMS tool: One-click subscription notifies me of any changes to a document or a folder including any information it contains.

This really saves me time searching for documents. As an HR consultant I don't need to do the search very often but once I do so, then it's crucial for my decision making process or necessary during my communication with client.

I can search (fulltext, document name, folder name) and navigate through folders in our Scalaris ASP DMS while having all detailed properties of documents and folders available. Pretty cool½

So when I am in a meeting and need to check something in my HR files I can do so immediately from virtually anywhere in office, at home or while on the road.

The pipeline for all this information is your smartphone or mobile device with mDMS installed.

You are probably wondering how secure this is since anyone of us can lose his mobile device. With mDMS there is a secure access and storage of documents on your device. Even if your mobile device is stolen, your company data is secure - stored, encrypted in the local memory.

enprovia® mDMS currently supports the following Document Management Systems: Scalaris® ASP, Alfresco®, Microsoft Sharepoint® and basically any DMS with WebDAV support.

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